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200-Watt Active System Powered Stereo Mixer With DSP & Two Dual 6.5” Satellites

The MATRIX-200 is the most compact member of our popular BMatrix200-52 MATRIX family of active systems. Compact, powerful and portable the MATRIX-200 delivers clean, accurate sound ideal for both stage and music playback applications. The MATRIX-200 has a true 200-watt RMS stereo amplifier, built in 5-channel mixer, studio-quality digital effects, phantom power and numerous patch inputs / outputs.

600-Watt Active System Powered Stereo Mixer With DSP & 2x10” 3-Way Satellites

The MATRIX-600 iMatrix600s the first compact all-in-one system so rich in performance it will leave you looking for a hidden subwoofer. The custom designed, high-fidelity 10” 3-way speakers are powered by a robust 2x300 Watt RMS stereo power amplifier that incorporates specialized equalization and limiter circuitry to enhance the performance of the loudspeakers. The result is an astonishingly clean and accurate sound unattainable from traditional 2-way systems. The MATRIX-600 is a compact yet powerful system that delivers maximum SPL, a ruler flat frequency response and a wide dispersion pattern. With its exceptional performance, bullet-proof reliability and amazing value, the MATRIX-600 has set a new standard for our competition to follow.

The SL-Series: Sound Reinforcement

The SL-Series is designed for the true professional unwilling to make any compromises in the quality of their sound. Designed for live sound and music-replay applications, the SL-Series provides maximum SPL and sound clarity from reliable and cost-effective cabinets. The SL-Series is ideal for mobile DJs, live sound, nightclubs and equipment rentals.

12" Two-Way
15" Two-Way
15" Three-Way
Dual 15" Two-Way
18" Subwoofer

MX-Series: Live Sound and Mobile Solution

The MX-Series is designed for live sound, small venue installations and mobile DJ/KJs. It offers exceptional performance and value from compact and powerful systems. B-52 components include high performance loudspeakers and 1” exit titanium diaphragm compression drivers. Each rugged cabinet features metal bar handles, 16-gauge perforated steel grille, rubber feet and protective metal corners. Input connectors include (2) 1/4” metal phone jacks and a genuine Neutrik™ NL4 connector. 

15" Two-Way
Dual 15" Two-Way
18" Subwoofer
MX-MN 15 
15" Stage Monitor

ACTPRO Series: Active Speaker Systems


ACTPRO12M 500-Watt 12" 2-Way — Bi-Amped Main/Monitor
ACTPRO15 500-Watt 15" 2-Way — Bi-Amped Active System
ACTPRO1515 850-Watt Dual 15" 2-Way —Bi-Amped Active System
ACTPRO18S 700-Watt Powered 18" Subwoofer — Cast-Framed

The new ACTPRO Series is an advanced line of made in the USA powered loudspeaker systems that offer the sonic accuracy, power and reliability demanded by today’s professional performers. Fuelled by B-52’s ultra-efficient Class-G amplifiers, ACTPRO systems deliver rich, clear sound at extreme SPLs. ACTPRO amplifiers employ sophisticated circuitry including acoustically tuned 4th order crossovers, four stages of equalization, a built-in intelligent compressor/limiter and short circuit/over-current protection.