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KDC-X897 - Kenwood KDC-X897 eXcelon In-Dash

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Oladuntoye - mNSwFW5DilI   (Saturday, November 28, 2015)

Hello, Take part of a connector and I iidacnted 8 and 12 (red and white) with red and white RCA and 6 the weld with rca ground.3 and 9 with 10k (brown, black, orange, gold).When connected to my Kenwood KDC PS909 allows me to change to disc charger but no charger tells me, what else I can do?I need your help. thanks

Dario - z7CqahrLlk   (Saturday, November 28, 2015)

Your shop spoils the rest of us with FLAC dtgiial lossless. Like my significant other's homemade pesto, I'm all over that. Considering repurchasing releases I got from BK + Emusic in mp3 aamof. You could stand to gain something from such a move. I'll just pay the electrician first, if you don't mind.

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