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SWS-15D4 - Alpine SWS-15D4 15 Subwoofer (4Ω+4Ω)

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Crusigrama - SX2uBRJST   (Saturday, November 28, 2015)

The specifications phsuibled by companies like SoundStorm, Hitron, and Visonik are not anywhere near accurate. Comparing them to reputable manufacturers like JL Audio, Kicker, Alpine, and Kenwood just isn't possible. These reputable manufacturers have earned their reputation by consistently providing reliable equipment that meets or exceeds the phsuibled specifications.Take Visonik for example. The VK1600.1D claims to have an output of 1,600 watts RMS into 1 ohm. But if you look on the amplifier itself, you'll find just a pair of 25A fuses. That limits the absolute maximum current draw to 50A. With 50A at 12.8V it simply isn't possible to output 1,600 watts. If everything works perfectly, in theory, at 90 efficiency, the amp COULD produce 576 watts. But it won't work perfectly, and it's probably much less than 90 efficient so it's REAL output is probably closer to 300-400 watts.SoundStorm and Hitron (and other cheap brands) make similar unbelievable claims hoping you'll save a few bucks and buy their overrated, underperforming products.If you don't want to pay for JL (or one of the other reputable brands you listed), you might consider a decent cheaper brand, like HiFonics or perhaps Crutchfield's house brand , Sound Ordnance. With these, you won't be paying a premium for the name , but you'll still get a good reliable product with fairly accurate ratings and at a good price.

Sylina - bsXcmrmqr5   (Saturday, November 14, 2015)

That boss d800.2 has a single 20A fuse. Regardless of what power it camlis to be able to reproduce there's no way it's doing better than 250w rms or so. On top of that Boss is not known for high reliability. Not worth the price IMO.The alpine mrp-m1000 is a good quality 1000w rms amp. One of Kenwood's big excelon mono's would compare fairly well, but the non ex's have been known to have weak power supplies and from what I've read pretty frequent failures. MTX makes pretty good amps, but I think you'd have to spend quite a bit more to match the power of the Kenwood or Alpine.

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